“The Study of Monstrosities”

From Beneath Ceaseless Skies #127

“On the morning of his interview with Dr. Alabaster, Ethan rose at dawn to claim exclusive use of the shared lavatory at the end of the hall. He wiped down the interior of the tub before adding three inches of hot water from the spigot. He bathed with a washrag, then lathered his face sparingly with soap. Other men used thick cream to shave, a practice he found not only lavish and uneconomical but a sore compromise for maintaining a keen razor. When finished, he carefully rinsed and dried his ebony-handled razor before folding it away. Again, he wiped down the inside of the tub, the spigot, sink, mirror, and every tile upon which he had stepped.”

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  1. I heard your story on podcast, very impressive and intense, it made me wonder what lies beneath our facade that we present to our fellow, also a fantastic setting. Great story. Thanx

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