Gideon’s Wall

In 2003 I published “Gideon’s Wall,” a bleak fantasy about the defenders of a fortified wall built to separate the desert-dwelling Bedu from the rest of the civilized empire of Shallai.  It features racial tension, lost causes, and more than one kind of monster.

“The empire of Shallai, fallen four decades ago, attracts a group of Archaists to study her ruins, seeking the answer to the puzzle of the empire’s sudden, mysterious end.  Led by dreams, one Archaist uncovers a tale of a warrior, whose life and death are inextricably tied to the gigantic structure known as Gideon’s Wall, a place that holds the answers to Shallai’s fall.  Kurzawa tells a lyrical tale of ancient battles and human courage in a story that places biblical history in a fantasy environment. This unique fantasy belongs in most libraries.”

–Library Journal

“Gideon’s Wall is a captivating fantasy adventure by Greg Kurzawa which is set forty years after the demise of a great empire. As an age of fear ends, a group of truth-seekers set out to delve the ruins and learn what terrible enemy brought about such utter devastation upon human civilization. Gideon’s Wall is a captivating and recommended fantasy novel of post-holocaust rebuilding in the wake of despair and a haunting quest for knowledge.”

–Midwest Book Review

“Many SF/F readers probably missed a small press novel released last September, entitled Gideon’s Wall. If you did and you enjoy intelligent Fantasy, you should go back and look for this evocative little gem”


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